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Calculate when will you die based on your current life style and then more importantly what you can do about extending your lifespan !
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Use the "When Will I die" calculator to get an estimation of your lifespan based on your current lifestyle, then use it as a wakeup call to make changes to your lifestyle to extend your life by several decades !!! The sooner you act the better.

Note this tool is provided for information purposes only and should be taken as that !!! If you feel you have problems with your health, then go and see your GP Immediatly !!!!

Note - This calculator is completely annoynymous and no data is retained.

"When Will I Die ?" Calculator
Your Date of Birth Day Mth Yr
Height Ft Inches
Weight Stones lbs
How much exercise per week in total minutes Minutes
Your diet is
Do you eat breakfast ?
Your drinking habits ?
Do you have an health check up at least once every 2 years
Your Medical history
General well being - Please tick ALL that apply





Happy & Contented

Stressed out


Your relationship
Do you have children
Do you own a pet
Your household income is
Your finances are

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What to do to EXTEND your lifespan !

Regular Excercise - Get healthy by excercising regularly for at least 60 minutes a week at say 20 mins per session X 3 per week. Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and lungs and improves blood flow. Health benefits are numerous, including disease prevention and management. The increased metabolism will also aid in weight control as you will burn more fat even when you are not excercising ! Examples of aerobic excercises - Walking, running, jogging, dancing, swimming, rowing, cycling.

Stop Smoking - Smoking impacts negatively on your health and drastically shortens your life-span even if you do not get cancer !

Eat nutritionally sound meals - The saying goes you are what you eat. Eating fatty, high cholestral foods, will lead to heat disease and an early grave. In conjunction with excercise you must eat more healthy food.

Have a Passion in life -Individuals who have strong interests tend to live longer than those that don't, So keep your brain occupied !

Control Stress -Look into the many strategies for dealing with stress, and target the core problem areas in your life which induce stress!


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