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Use the flexible savings calculator to estimate the amount of interest you would earn given a level of monthly savings, with many optional settings.
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Use the savings calculator to estimate the amount of interest you will earn over a given number of years.This flexible tool allows you to enter a starting lump sum, and allows for an annual increase in the savings. The tool also adjusts each years interest to accurately reflect that interest will only be partially payable on each new monthly savings i.e. Savings added in the 11th month would only earn interest for that one month instead of the whole year. At the same time interest is accurately calculated for the closing balance at the end of the previous year which earns the full rate of annual interest.

Savings Calculator
Current Savings - lump sum (£)
How much will you save per month (£)
Interest Rate on savings (%)
How many years will you save for ?
Do you want to increase the amount saved each year ? (%)

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