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Online UK Tax Calculator - Quickly work out the amount of tax and Ni you pay or are liable to pay. Also many useful tax saving tips !
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UPDATED FOR 2008-2009 - The Money Forums UK Income Tax calculator is an approximation of the income tax and national insurance liabilities for employed people under the age of 65. Please input your salary and your tax free allowance, which is derived from your tax code i.e. 489L = 4895 allowance. Please refer to your coding notice for your annual allowance, especially for special codes such as BR - for which the tax free allowance is 0.

Your Results are broken down by annual, monthly and weekly figures, and your tax burden % is also estimated (the amount of tax / NI you pay). As well as the number of days you work for the tax man each year.

UK Tax Calculator
Annual Salary
Choose Tax Year
Your tax free allowance (Normal allowance is 5435 for 2008-09, please refer to your tax code notice)
For advice and news on UK Taxation & Benefits, visit the discussion forums

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UK Tax Saving Tips

  1. Use your non working partners unused tax allowance by putting savings in their name. I.e. for a non working partner to reach the tax paying threshold of 10% they would need to have approx £100k in savings ! Remember to fill in the R85 form on account opening so that interest is paid gross ! If you have paid tax on savings then use form R40 to claim it back.
  2. Make use of your ISA allowances ! Very year every adult in the UK has an ISA allowance of £7k. £3k Cash ISA's and £4k for Shares ISA's. Again also make use of your partners allowances.
  3. Plan ahead to make use of your Capital Gains allowances, which are an hefty £8,500 per annum ! Realise any losses against gains.
  4. Check your tax coding to ensure it is correct, the normal code for under 65's is 489L (2005-06).
  5. If your a home owner - rent a room for an extra £4,250 per year tax free earnings !
  6. Pensions - Get your tax relief on pension contributions, Basic rate relief is at 22%, and Higher rate tax payers get 40% Tax relief ! I.e. for every £60 you put in the Tax man puts £40 into your pension pot (40%).
  7. Make sure your cliaming your tax free benefits such as child benefit and child tax credits.
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